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Through purposeful play and guided learning experiences, preschool helps children build a strong educational and emotional foundation that will serve them well throughout their lives.

At Neighborhood Kids Preschool, we believe every kid deserves to learn in a stimulating environment. As the best preschool in Lake Worth, we have designed a curriculum that fosters a love for learning while providing the skills necessary for success in school and beyond.

What is the Difference Between Preschool and Daycare?

Preschool and daycare both provide care for young children, but they serve different purposes. While daycares in Lake Worth, FL, focus on taking care of kids while their parents are working, preschools offer structured education programs.

In other words, the latter prepares children for kindergarten through an age-appropriate curriculum and activities that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development.

What is the Typical Curriculum in Preschool?

At Neighborhood Kids Preschool, our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. Our program includes activities that promote language and literacy development, numeracy skills, fine and gross motor skills, socialization, and creativity.

Through play-based learning experiences, children have the opportunity to explore, discover, and grow in a supportive and enriching environment.

Benefits of Taking Your Children to Preschool

Academic Readiness

Our preschool program prepares children for success in kindergarten by introducing foundational academic concepts such as letter recognition, counting, and early literacy skills.

Socialization Skills

Preschool provides valuable opportunities for children to interact with peers, develop friendships, and learn important social skills like sharing, taking turns, and cooperating.


Preschool encourages independence and self-confidence as children learn to navigate new experiences, solve problems, and make choices.

Creativity and Imagination

Through art, music, and imaginative play, preschool fosters creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking skills.

Structured Routine

Finally, preschool introduces children to the structure and routine of a classroom setting and teaches them how to follow directions, manage their time, and be responsible.

How Do I Choose the Right Preschool for My Child?

Choosing the right preschool for your child is an important decision. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Location and hours of operation
  • Educational philosophy and curriculum
  • Teacher qualifications and experience
  • Safety and cleanliness
  • Parent involvement opportunities
  • Cost and affordability

Tips to Support Your Child's Experience in Preschool

  • Establish a consistent morning routine to help your child transition to preschool.
  • Communicate openly with teachers and staff about your child's needs and experiences.
  • Reinforce learning at home by reading together, practicing basic skills, and encouraging curiosity.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences and school events to stay involved in your child's education.
  • Encourage independence and problem-solving skills by allowing your child to make choices and solve simple problems on their own.
  • Create a positive attitude toward school by talking about it in a cheerful and encouraging manner, and by sharing your own positive experiences with education.
  • Arrange playdates with classmates outside of school to foster friendships.

Looking for a Top-rated Preschool in Lake Worth?

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Cities We Serve: Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach


2995 Greenbriar Boulevard Wellington, FL 33414



Rosi Dominguez

Programs: 8 weeks to 5 years

Wellington Trace

1040 Wellington Trace Wellington, FL 33414



Melissa Edwards

Programs: 12 months to 5 years

Royal Palm Beach

10701 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33411 (inside of Connect Church)



Tanjala Thomas

Programs: 8 weeks to 5 years

Boynton Beach

9515 W. Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33472



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Delray Beach

16333 S. Military Trail, Delray Beach, Fl. 33484



Emma Vicente

Programs: 8 weeks to 5 years

Lake Worth

6201 S Military Trail, Lake Worth, FL 33463



Nicole English

Programs: 8 weeks to 5 years

Palm Beach Gardens

Cross Community Church
2575 Lone Pine Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, United States, Florida



Krystie Solana

Programs: 8 weeks to 5 years

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